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As I expand...

... the Creator of Superwomen expands with me. And the other way around.

Each side, each character, each role are interlinked.

Charlotta - the explosive POUND PRO/TOUR CREW becomes more powerful as Charlotta as a person grows. Wild Woman Workout becomes fiercer, more attuned to its cause, the deeper Creator of Superwomen connects. And the deeper Creator of Superwomen connects, the more Charlotta as a person uncovers, breaks open and transforms. And it goes on and on an on - an ever-evolving journey as these roles dance together, completing each other and expanding one another.

As I stepped in to the role of Creator of Superwomen, I in some way thought that I was 'complete'. It is as silly a thought as it sounds. How are we ever complete? There is a thought that when you attain this status of completeness - you are just that, done. Fulfilled. Whole. And however lovely those words sound - the meaning of them fill me with dread.

I don't know how to be happy without change. Without growth. Without learning. For me, though I now feel whole, I am still incomplete. The more I grow, the further afield my 'completed' state is - and it is not because it goes further away from me, it just expands, allowing me to expand beyond what I believed was possible yesterday, and what I believe is possible tomorrow.

Over the last year I have been ever-evolving and my offerings have all holistically interlinked - and I am so proud to announce that I have created my Trinity of Confidence which serves women (and men!) who want to be unapologetically confident and roaring with how TURNED ON THEY ARE BY THEIR OWN LIFE!

You can read more about it all here or here.

If you have any questions or comments, as always - feel welcome to reach out!

Become and Remain Your Own Superwoman.

Much Love,


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