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Can I be Beautifully broken?

Much like in the Japanese art or craft of Kintsukuroi (金繕い, "golden repair") - can we be beautifully broken and then repaired?

When broken we embark on a journey of healing. This is a journey to find pride and excitement in, as this is from where we also expand and grow.

We should not attempt to hide away the broken, but rather flaunt our breakage with the world in a quest to inspire through vulnerability, allowing others to see they are not alone.

When repairing ourselves, there is compassion to be had for the history we have gone through, making us the person we are today. This is nothing to disguise - only all to bare.

There is beauty in the things we deem flawed and the imperfect and also in the broken. Humanity brings forward great change through the channels of passion to mend what has gone wrong.

Through accepting change, which is the fate of all aspects of human life, we allow ourselves to flourish.

Do not attempt to hide your damage, illuminate it and let this be your expression to serve others.

If you wish to share your story of breakage, I would love to hear it. Drop it below or send me a private message. Let’s let others know they are not alone.

Photo: Tuomas Mäkelä

Location: Billnäs Bruk, Finland

Skirt: E/S Design Finland

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