THe rockout workout.

pound with charlotta

Charlotta is a certified POUND PRO and POUND TOUR CREW, the first in the Uusimaa region and one of the first in Finland, bringing POUND with her fierce and contagious energy to your doorstep in Finland and beyond! She is a lover of music and movement and fell in love with POUND right in its heart of Los Angeles, California.

Charlotta is also a certified Generation POUND PRO, for the new generation of Rockstars ages 6-12!


​In this full-body drumming based workout we combine cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements while we rock out to a carefully curated playlist of old-school rock, new age punk, hip-hop, EDM or latin beats - to name a few. We not only add to the music - we BECOME the music, we become our own band and we become our own rockstar!

With POUND we want to change minds before bodies and with beats and alternative movement we launch people in to new heights of confidence, happiness and connection. POUND is suitable to E V E R Y O N E, no matter fitness level or ability.


Charlotta holds regular classes in Finland and is the Resident POUND Pro of RasBudo. Charlotta is also available for private bookings or longer workshops and retreats, either in the local gym or in your chosen location in Finland or abroad.


POUND is perfect for any event where you want to encourage relationship building, have fun or connect over a sweaty, exhilarating session, whilst improving your coordination and strength!


For public schedules and events, follow ‘POUND with Charlotta’ on Facebook as well as @poundwithcharlotta on Instagram.


For inquiries or bookings, please send us a message here or directly to


Charlotta speaks English, Swedish and Finnish.

Let’s bring a fierce and fun energy to each other!


Watch a VIDEO of what POUND looks like here!




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