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Hello wonderful, I am so happy you are here!


I am Charlotta - the Creator of Superwomen! I am a Confidence Coach and Thought Icon and I am so thrilled to share myself with you!


From having suffered deep insecurity through most of my 20's caused by a very skewed mindset and sucking in all and any verbal knocks I possibly could, I have emerged the other side matured and empowered through purposeful work and a dedication to feeling powerful and connected to myself again.


Through this time of growth I found my calling; I am here to inspire you to be unapologetically confident and so in love with yourself that you dare to live the life you desire, and completely on your own terms.​


I am extremely passionate about living to the beat of your own drum, and am working hard to remove the shackles of pre-designed thinking. You know, the ones where societal expectations ask certain things of you. And I am not just doing this for me, I am doing it for you - and for every other woman who is ready to break free!

Within the realm of my TRINITY OF CONFIDENCE I have three major components which have all supported me in becoming the strong, connected woman I am today. They are all interlinked and ever-evolving along with my expansion.


۵ Creator of Superwomen and Thought Icon

​I work with women 1:1, within group or Master Class settings to expand their views, give them tools to connect to their Inner Woman and create a more intimate relationship with themselves whilst also challenging their limiting beliefs.

Within my role as Thought Icon I push past boundaries of taboo topics and normalise what has been made inaccessible. No longer shall we feel ashamed for who or what we are.


۵ Modelling and Talent Coaching

I work an as international model and through this work I have found such freedom in using myself as a creative expression of empowerment and sensuality. I was the first model of my shape that I knew of who was accepted in to this world and I keep rallying that you can do and be anything you want to - no matter what anyone else says.

Within this area, as a Coach, I also support other models or talent prior to or on the day of filming/shooting to help them show up how they desire to show up, breaking patterns of performance insecurity or stage fright.

I am a professional Make Up Artist and offer a combination of these services.


۵ Explosive Fitness Instructor

POUND is the vessel that reminded me that I am unique, full of raw energy and has a desire for purpose. Through this format I started gaining my long-lost confidence and self-worth. I am a proud Tour Crew for this loud and explosive rebel workout, bringing the rockout workout to people all over the world.

My Fitness journey has since expanded alongside and with the work of the Creator of Superwomen I have brought out my own signature format - the Wild Woman Workout - which is for the woman who wants to connect deeper to her Inner Woman, express her Wild Woman through movement and mindset work. Within this session we bring awareness to our sensuality and femininity and it is the perfect yin to POUND’s yang.

I cannot wait to welcome you on this journey with me.

I empower you to step into your truest version of yourself, blossoming into an unapologetically confident woman, which allows you to live the life of your deepest desire and share your unique vibration with the world.

Become and Remain your own Superwoman.

Cx, Charlotta

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