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I Had No Direction.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

I wrote earlier this year about how My heart said YES to Life Coaching and how this experience primed me for something greater than I could have ever imagined.

I used to be what we would call a Goal Getter. I would shoot for the stars, aiming at a particular one and go for it with full mind and heart. However, somewhere along the way as I lost myself in my 20’s, I also lost any direction. I had already lived my dream job of working in the skies, and leaving Aviation I no longer had a strong calling. Well actually, I had many different callings. In hindsight these were more like ‘ideas’ with each pulling me in their own direction for a while, until I lost interest. I could not keep up with them all, nor get stuck in to really find a passion within any of them. What I also did during this time, is that I took on the role of submission and served everyone else but me. I told myself I was happy supporting other people’s dreams as if they were my own. With this unrealistic expectation and others not giving me the full appreciation I would have wanted, this self-proclaimed cheerleading role became more and more infected.

As I entered the journey of Life Coaching, though not even realising I needed the support, I reignited my spark. I found this thirst and this desire to do something massive. Something which had been brewing there for so long, but that I had numbed out and ignored. I did not yet know what exactly I wanted to do, but my curiosity to explore this was answered by Alexandria Maria as she launched her 2nd run of The Soulful Startup which is a group coaching programme for female entrepreneurs wanting to build their business. I knew I had to be on this programme to move my DREAMS into GOALS. And before that - to even understand what MY dreams are.

The whole thing started with a 1:1 session with Alex. As we were talking I expressed my frustration of doing random bits and being busy doing nothing and of knowing for so long that I wanted to do something where I can be in service of others, but also in service of me. As I vocalised my soul’s desires, I broke out into tears. Alex replied with her own too. Though worlds apart - her in Tulum, me on my porch in Finland - she felt me. She heard me. She saw me.

I have known Alex for a few years now, but we are yet to meet in physical real life. We connected through at mutual connection as she was interviewing me via a phone call for an American Photography Magazine. We had so many stories to share and we ended up talking for double the time we had actually been allocated.

I already knew back then that I needed to know her. To work with her. Neither of us knew in what way but I was already manifesting her being in my life. Since, I have followed her journey as she has built a successful national food business in the UK, and become a highly sought after Female Empowerment and Business Coach. It is in the latter that things started clicking into place.

Joining The Soulful Startup has revolutionised my life. Not only professionally, but emotionally too. I had never expected that building a business can be so wholesome, and so intentional whilst self-care and self-love is in the center of everything we do. I have grown so much that I have developed stretch marks in my mind, and old wounds have gashed open for me to deal with them again in my new wisdom. As I started this programme, I did not know what things would look like or even what my offering would be, and within week 1 clarity came in. Alex also assured me that I would be launching my first Confidence Master Class during the time we are on our 12 week programme, much to my excitement and positive nervosity. And you know? I did. In week 7.

What’s more is that I have made deep connections with not only Alex, who truly and deeply cares for each of us on the programme, but also with my Soulful Sisters. We are spread out over the world and have formed friendships I know will take us further than digital. We have our own troop of cheerleaders within this circle where wins are celebrated and tears are given space to.

If you want to get on your own journey to become a Soulful Success, I am so excited to let you know that Alex is launching her 3rd run of this incredible 12-week programme in 2021. If you feel like this is the programme for you, sign up using code CHARLOTTA to get a wonderful freebie to gear your mind into an enlightened state of Confidence even before you kick off with my highly appluaded and revamped digital 2 hour Step in to your POWER: Confidence Master Class! This is completed with the accompanying work books completely free of charge (valued at over 300 €).

I cannot wait to see you flourish.

Much Love, Charlotta


Photo credit: Ahmed Alalousi

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