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My heart said YES to Life Coaching

Earlier this year, at the height of uncertainty from Covid, I was presented the opportunity to five Life Coaching sessions with Line Spennert, a now qualified coach, as part of the last steps in her education. Though I had burst out that she definitely can ‘practise on me’ during a get together as I learnt this is the path she was on, I hadn’t given it much thought and I wasn’t really in the space for reinvention. Looking back, I was stuck, but that is not how I perceived it at the time though my days floated by one task to the next, me not progressing much, or at all. So when she reached out to say she still wanted to add some clients to her portfolio as part of her education, I said yes, still with some apprehension towards it as I didn’t think I ‘needed’ it.

The day came for my first session. It was a warm day. Summer had sprung and I had raced to get there on time and we got into it immediately, but with this sense of calm. She held such space for me as I went through the tasks whilst sipping perfectly made tea, already here clicking in to some realisations and unlocking a hunger to wake up from the self-induced comatose I had allowed, probably as a means of coping. Coping from having last year experienced what I call a near burn-out. The reality is that I did hit that wall, I was just lucky to manage to make my way out of it relatively fast. I feel like maybe I had been protecting myself by not taking on my dreams as I wasn’t sure that I would be strong enough. She helped me break free.

Through summer we had our five sessions together, all of them outdoors in her garden. Visualisations, major monologues from me with clever probes from Line, pushing me to understand myself and learn more about this woman I am and the woman I want to be. She helped me make swift, smart decisions by bringing me back to listening to my intuition. She helped me clear the clutter I had attracted and did not want in my life. She gave me tools I still use. I often arrived super excited and fluttery, and she helped grounding me through breath work.

I can’t say it is easy having someone hold this space for you. You feel completely stripped naked. Line has this power of looking into my eyes and I know she knows. She just wants me to find what I know too, and that is exactly how it worked. It can be uncomfortable. It feels all kinds of wrong taking up so much space in such an intimate setting, as if I was a balloon being filled and filled and filled, and eventually so huge that the room wasn’t big enough and I kept expanding beyond. Though I sometimes felt uncomfortable, I was never uneasy. Line made me feel safe. Heard. Loved actually.

She was priming me. I didn’t realise it, I wonder if she did?

Towards the back end of our sessions, a real go-getter spark was fired in me as Alexandria Maria was launching her 2nd run of the Soulful Startup, a group coaching programme for female entrepreneurs. I knew I had to be on this programme to move my DREAMS into GOALS.

Without Line, perhaps I hadn’t heard my calling.

Thank you. You helped me tune in and truly TURN UP.

Much Love,



Photography by Jenny Perklén

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