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There is something so surrendering about sitting in stillness. Held by another person’s gentle, soothing energy.

As a Fitness Instructor and Coach I am often the one who holds space for others. And I love it. For me, there is nothing more beautiful and relaxing to be held - figuratively (or even literally) - by someone you feel secure with, whether it is for a quiet moment in meditation, or an explosive workout. Or if literally held - in warm cuddles by someone you trust.

I have desired to experience a Cacao Ceremony for a few years already. The name in itself sounds like something I would love; Cacao as not only do I find the cacao beans and pods fascinating, and yes - I love chocolate, but ceremonies of any kind tend to strike a beautiful place in my heart where I get excited for the prospect of experiencing something new, something I never have before.

I was held in my very first Cacao Ceremony by Paolo Da Floresta of Rebirthing Scandinavia. I had no idea what I was to expect and felt ripples of joyful anticipation through my body for weeks before the long-awaited event finally took place. Due to the restrictive nature of the world earlier this year, there were talks that this Ceremony may not take place. Thankfully, just a few days prior, it was finally secured for us; me, my soul sister and 3 other women.

Entering the little, tranquil yoga shala from a narrow backstreet in central Helsinki where Paolo’s Sacred Breath Cacao Ceremony was to take place, it immediately felt like the world outside was left behind. It was easy to feel comfortable. At ease. Ready to submerge into a space yet completely unexplored.

The Ceremony commenced with a mini class on Cacao, the benefits of this practise and what to expect. Paolo prepared the Ceremonial Cacao for us, and we sipped this hot elixir to connect us to our inner centre. We joined in a calm breathing technique to support us landing into the space and moment even further.

We were on this journey of breath, sound and healing for a few hours, but in my mind, it felt like 20 minutes. I could not believe how fast time went by. I felt like I was truly in a little bubble where time stood still.

Once returning to the group, Paolo offered us a drink of Blue Lotus tea to conclude the ceremony and to take the edge off the energising effects of Cacao. It was late evening now and he mentioned that Blue Lotus can cause us to dream vividly.

That night, not only did my soul sister and I stay up until the early hours talking and sharing our experiences, feeling like we were the only two people in the world, once finally asleep I had a dream. A dream of rebirth. Now as I’m writing this some time later, I do not fully remember the dream, but I remember the feeling the dream gave me. A feeling of newness. Of connection. Of finding home.

Though I am sure everyone will have a unique experience, I highly recommend this Ceremony. If you get the chance to experience Paolo’s nurturing offering of his Sacred Breath Cacao Ceremony, I recommend this too.

And as we create our own reality - I am filled with so much pleasure in being part of bringing you the upcoming event Mama Earth Medicine Day Retreat which includes not only a Master Class of my signature programme; the Wild Woman Workout, but also the Sacred Breath Cacao Ceremony with Paolo Da Floresta, and in no other place then in the beautiful Kansjerf Kulturgård which I yearn to return to time and time and time again.

This event takes place on Sunday 6.6 2021. If you would like to join us - reach out to me now.

Thank you.

Charlotta, Cx

Cacao was used by several ancient Meso-American societies including the Mayan cultures as a facilitator in vision quest to their inner guides and during sacred rituals and ceremonies.

There is an unseen magic to this divine elixir recognised my these cultures that deemed it a sacred beverage to be consumed ceremonially. The Cacao elixir can act as a spiritual guide to gently guide us to re-connect with lost parts of ourselves. This Earth Medicine will move through you and may release some blockages held within the body, in some perhaps even stimulating the digestive system and kidney organs giving a mild purging of the colon, stimulating the flow of prana around the body.

We work with very high quality ceremonial cacao from South America.

Ceremonial cacao is made from whole organic Cacao beans. These beans pass through a fermentation process necessary for cultivating their optimum flavor and activating certain natural compounds. The beans are then roasted at low temperatures or even sun-dried, the husks are then hand peeled and stone ground by traditional means into a dense block of paste which retains all the original fats and nutrients in their natural balance unlike cacao powder.

Ceremonial cacao elixir is not a super food it is a super natural food, rich in magnesium, chromium, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, iron, and phosphorous, abundant in antioxidants and encourages the release of endorphins like dopamine throughout the body which ease symptoms of PMS and depression by boosting our mood and contains two neurotransmitters PEA (phenylethylamine) nicknamed the love molecule and anandamide the bliss chemical named after the Sanskrit word Ananda which simply means bliss and joy.

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