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Say Her Name.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

It hasn’t escaped many of us that justice has not been, and may never be, served for Breonna Taylor. I am small but I can do something, we can all do something, to let this woman’s legacy live on.

Say her name.

I am crying as I am writing this. Not because I know her personally, but because I am saddened and filled with fury that yet again a life was lost for no reason, causing pain for her family and friends and beyond.

She has become a symbol. A symbol for a united fight for a better world. She has become a symbol for another conversation we should not need to be having; the conversation of race and violence.

As a means of bringing the conversation further, and letting her legacy live on, I asked my friend and artist Cem to draw Breonna's portrait in his beautiful watercolours. We have made the high resolution image available of this piece of art for anyone who may want it in Breonna's honour. You can choose to print, frame, use it on your socials or in which other way you want to honour her. You can download your own here.

There is no profit involved. This is purely done in honour of Breonna Taylor and her family as a way to show our solidarity and to keep the conversation going until there will be no more reasons to burst into outrage.

Feel welcome to share with anyone who may want this piece of art and make a statement, in silence or otherwise.

The artwork will be sent out on October 13th to everyone who has sent me their email. This date also marks 7 months since this fatal night.

Artist: @cemaltibas

In loving memory of Breonna Taylor.

How you can take a stand or help:

Much Love, Charlotta and Cem


Photo credit: Cem Altibas, also pictured artist

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