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Art Inspires Art.

I am so excited to share a second piece of art by the very talented Cem Altibas. Here he has created a wonderful piece in colour from one of my favourite portraits of me, taken by the incredible Ahmed Alalousi.

I shared Cem's process on Digital Watercolour portraits before on the first piece he created for me, but I will include it again so you can understand how unique his work is.

After selecting the image Cem is inspired to draw from, he traces the lines digitally after which he prints out two pieces. On one he paints in rough watercolour, and on the other, he hatches the darker parts. The two paintings are photographed and merged digitally before finally, he adds digital watercolour to create his finished product.

Make sure you follow Cem on his creative adventure, you can follow him on Instagram here.

Cem accepts custom work which makes for a beautiful gift or for fantastic art in your home or office.

Thank you Cem for drawing inspiration from my work.

And to Ahmed Alalousi for allowing Cem to use this image of me, taken just before summer arrived in Finland this year. 

Art Inspires Art.



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