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Are you a woman looking to step into your own power and make your evolution and deep connection to yourself  a lifestyle?


Do you want to form a beautiful, unbreakable bond with your own temple - your body?


Do you want to challenge your mind, soul and heart and find new levels of expansion within?


Do you want to bring in more pleasure and TURN ON to your life?


Do you want all this to be available to you in a variety of formats whilst it is also super accessible?


Superwoman, do I have news for you!


I present to you;


Superwoman Alchemists

- for the Turned On Superwoman


Within this collective of Turned On Superwomen you will find a holistic mix of assets - ranging from 


  • Led Meditations

  • Visualisations

  • Breath Work Sessions

  • Master Classes on Transformational and Eye-Opening topics

  • Workbooks and Journaling Prompts

  • Wild Woman Workouts

  • Sensual Stretching

  • Self Pleasure Practises

  • Dance Release Classes

  • Self-Love Mantras

  • Sisterhood Community

and more - both by myself immediately upon Public Launch in September 2021 as well as by Guest Teachers / Healers / Instructors from October 2021.


What is really special is that all of these assets come in a variety of lengths - from 5 minute to 90 minute sessions, so that you can easily fit this precious personal time into your already full days to make your evolution and connection-to-self your lifestyle. And yes - new material is added monthly!


And if that is not enough - I did mention super-accessible…. ALL OF THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE RIGHT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND THROUGH AN APP ON YOUR PHONE! (with the option to also use the platform on a laptop or computer)


I am so excited about this beautiful platform through which you can connect deeper to your Inner Woman, to your Feminine Flow, your Sensuality and your Temple - your body - to become an Empowered and Turned On Superwoman - and all this in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space.


So Superwoman - are you ready to TURN YOUR MAGIC ON?


If the answer is YES - mark your diary for September 28th when the APP OFFICIALLY OPENS TO THE PUBLIC! In the meantime - sign up to my FREE Master Class TURN YOUR MAGIC ON which is a springboard to start off your personal evolution! Secure your spot for this Master Class held on Mondy Sep 27th here!

This is a completely no-strings attached Master Class! I welcome you!

I cannot wait to meet you, Superwoman!


Charlotta Cx