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"I loved the class - your tools were so helpful and I can see my mindset having shifted already"


"I feel so inspired - your 'Step in to your POWER' Master Class was empowering and I loved going deeper with the awesome workbook - I have learnt so much!"


"That was eye-opening"


“I have just finished the Master Class and it was SO powerful. I want you to know how I am grateful for you delivering such a totally amazing and powerful 2,5 hrs! I realised that it is still hard for me to give myself a genuine compliment..”

“The ending was just unreal. I was in tears. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.”

“I’m really touched by your personality and willingness and skill to do what you are doing. Respect. I am feeling very emotional. I am definitely empowered by your class. It’s wonderful.”

“This is not the first time I have done a similar kind of mindset reset exercise but this is the best. I don’t just say it, I mean it.”

“I really enjoyed it, the fact that we actively participate, and not only listen to you. I guess I had already heard a lot that was said, but the action of writing things down is another step towards achieving goals. All along the masterclass I thought "that's great that it's on paper, now I can come back to it whenever and read all those positive incentives again and again." Also I liked that you pushed us to question ourselves. It was not only about acknowledging the reasons why we stop ourselves in the pursuit of our passions. You also pushed ourselves to ask the question "what would you feel if you just did it?", and that is something I never thought of asking myself. 

I could say much more, but I'll finish saying that as a friend, I already experienced your humility and great capacity to listen to others without judgment. And now I am so happy to see you becoming this confidence coach for others to learn from.”


“Thank you Charlotta! The Master Class was amazing. You are such a lovely person with a great energy around you. You created a safe and warm space for us. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your own story. The Master Class gave me great tools to use to work on my confidence, very rewarding. Feeling strong and inspired. Thank you!”

“Since meeting Charlotta she has sprinkled her magic around me. I am grateful to her for helping me open my eyes, helping me believe in me, that what I wanted to be is what I am. Her Master Class gave me tools to boost my confidence, believe in myself and to let go of the fear of not being accepted.  I can honestly recommend her Master Classes and 1:1 sessions. Her thoughts around women supporting each other, letting go of envy and achieving your goals and dreams are EPIC!”


“I absolutely loved your masterclass, it was so in-depth and gave me a huge sense of excitement for the future that I will overcome all my confidence issues. Thank you so much.”


“Lotta has done so much for my Confidence and Self-Empowerment. She encourages me to truly believe in myself and now she is spreading the love through her Master Classes.

Wherever you are in the world- join my beautiful, darling friend Charlotta in her Confidence Master Classes!”


“A wonderful Superwoman who inspires and encourages. Thank you Charlotta, you are a positive, beautiful woman with the heart in the right place.”

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