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I am reclaiming the word Superwoman.

No longer is a Superwoman a woman who ‘does it all’ and ‘has it all’ only to find herself at the edge of burnout for neglecting herself.


Here is my - NEW - definition of a Superwoman;


A Superwoman is a woman who trusts her body and is deeply connected to her own self - her Inner Woman - and acts according to what she wants.


A Superwoman knows what her values are and feels secure standing up for herself and others.


A Superwoman is a woman who holds love and compassion close to her heart in her actions, and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.


A superwoman is a woman who unapologetically and courageously goes after what she wants and builds her life on her own terms.


A Superwoman is a woman who knows her worth, and with her thoughts, words and actions, brings other women up with her as she grows.


A Superwoman is a woman who makes space for herself so that she can flourish and change.⠀


A Superwoman is nurturing and giving as she stands within her self-confidence and strength whilst having firm boundaries.


A Superwoman knows how to slow down to look after herself, even before she ‘needs to’.


A Superwoman knows how to love, and how to be loved.


A Superwoman is secure in her feminine power and is eager to expand to further learn how to nourish herself.

Join me in redefining a Superwoman. Share your thoughts on Instagram and tag me @charlottabarman with #redefiningsuperwoman

Everyone who shares their definition is in for the chance to win a very special Superwoman Token by the end of the year!

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