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When you Turn Yourself On - MAGIC HAPPENS

This week is about to be lit on fire over at Charlotta - Creator of Superwomen and I could not be more excited!!

But before I tell you why - let me define what 'Superwoman' means to me!

In my world, I call a woman in her power a Superwoman. And no - I don’t mean the woman who ‘does or has it all’ - I mean a woman deeply connected to self, actively in charge of her own life and her own pleasure.

But how are you supposed to be a Superwoman when you have little or no time for yourself? When you don’t have the tools or know-hows? When you don’t even KNOW what it is YOU want?

Or when you feel like it may appear selfish and it would be shameful to invest in yourself?

It is actually possible to step into your power and become your own Superwoman even when you don’t have an abundance of time for yourself when you access the parts of you which are yearning for more, and decode what they're actually saying - what your Inner Woman - is actually saying. When you connect to this part fully, you open up to receiving knowledge and to challenging yourself with alternative ways of thinking or doing things, and you can allow yourself to expand and grow. This is what I do. I do it for me, and I support you in doing it for you. And know this - investing in yourself is never ever ever ever selfish. It is for the greater good. For you, but also for your friends, your family and the rest of the world who will be impacted by you in one way or another.

But why can self-development often feel so scary? From chatting to my clients, and also from my own personal experience - it can feel incomprehensible. Vast. Uncertain. Like a road that never ends. But you know what? This is exactly why it is exciting. Yes, in general, change can be scary, but when you embark on your own journey of self-evolution - you are in charge. You may not fully be able to see the destination but when you step one foot in front of the other, you are giving yourself a gift, each and every single step. And isn’t that what life is about? Feeling alive and receiving pleasure?

This is why I have let my creative juices flow whilst tapping into the deeper parts of me yet again to birth a creation right from my soul. From my Inner Woman to yours. This is a creation which has scared me as much as it has thrilled me and challenged me as much as it has given me new life. My new creation is coming alive to support you in becoming or being a Turned On Superwoman. I want this road to be exciting and accessible and easy to join on to. But, I actually think that letting this work be a little scary at times too just shows how much devotion you have to look at parts of yourself which aren’t always pretty or easy to understand or painless. And with this new offering of mine, I will be there. Right there. With you. Anytime you choose it.

While I don’t claim to know it all, I have helped many womxn just like you to feel connected to their own sensuality and their own bodies so that they have the confidence to show up in places and situations they have desired to, but not dared to before. They have taken space. Demanded attention. Moved their bodies in ways they hadn’t imagined to forge a strong bond with their Inner Woman. Breathed more deeply to inhale life into each cell of their body to awaken their senses fully. Touched themselves anew to love each part of their physical landscape - within and without. They have broken free of perceived societal chains to live their life more aligned to their personal vision. Sung their voices out loud sharing all their wisdom and desires. And all this; unapologetically. Without shame. Purely filled with a turn on for life and their own selves. And here I am also, continuing to do the work, learning, showing up, being - for myself, but also for you.

I want to inspire you. For I too have been there. Unsure of where to start or what is possible. Unaware of my own worth, drowning in self-pity and -loathing. No connection to my sensuality, my body or my Inner Woman. These days were dark. Filled with little or no joy. No pleasure. No love. No zest. No turn-on.

I want to show you what is possible. I want to help you turn your magic on so that you can see the beauty all around you - and also IN YOU. I want to give you the roadmap to the things which supported, and are still supporting, my confidence, my empowerment, my growth and my expansion. So I had an idea. I am creating this beautiful space through which you can connect deeper to your Inner Woman, to your Feminine Flow, your Sensuality and your Temple - your body - to become an Empowered and Turned On Superwoman - and all this in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space.

If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of, message me or comment below I’M TURNING MY MAGIC ON and I will be in touch with you personally a little later.

More details to follow.

Much Love, Charlotta Cx

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