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The Birth of the Creator of Superwomen

My journey as the Creator of Superwomen already commenced in the end of 2019, but it wasn't until summer of 2020 - when the world was upside down and inside out - that I gave myself the chance to reflect and really tune in to what my calling is.

As a teenager I went through the usual teenage stuff, but I would still have called myself a confident person. I took chances and let myself live my life a little haphazardly with the wind, which got me to living in several different countries, away from family, from a young age.

Something happened through my 20’s though. I became increasingly more self-conscious. I started doubting myself as a valuable woman and I dropped the bar within my relationships so low, that somewhere along the line, I lost myself completely.

On the outside, I was still considered a happy, excitable person, which truthfully was the case. I was able to find joy in all situations. But on the inside, with the things that truly mattered for my character and growth, I was tormented. I measured myself up against others - women in particular - meaning I could not enjoy social gatherings, let alone connect with any of the incredible women I was introduced to. I noticed that I was fumbling my words in my professional life as I battled imposter syndrome. I kept looking at my body, faulting it for not being slimmer or more toned, as a boyfriend had requested.

I became insecure. So insecure that I became stand-off-ish. I became needy in my relationships and jealous of any woman who might rob me of my partner, and what was real to me then was that ANY woman could have done just that, for all other women were smarter, more fun, more stunning and more successful than me.

I was under a dark spell. I could not see my worth. I could not cheer myself on and I could certainly not cheer on others - again, others meaning: other women.

One day though I was handed an out. I was shook to the core and it was like I had been living in a fog, when now I suddenly could both see and think clearly. I realised it was up to me to make changes. I realised it was my task to love myself. This was my turning point. I made choices which were based on my happiness, not another person’s. I started turning inwards, to get to know who I was - who my inner woman was - and I decided to trust her. With this, I allowed my intuition to grow strong after it had lost its power through years of me rejecting it.

Growing in to my new form, I made some mistakes. I can hand on heart say that, as my insecurity was still battling for a place in the limelight, mixing that with an urge to feel strong and confident, arrogant frogs would come out of my mouth every once in a while.

The path to confidence isn’t just a straight line. But the will to grow from externally tough, to emotionally and mentally strong is what kept me going. Day by day, I became more at peace with who I am and the woman I was becoming. This to me is an ever-evolving woman, and I am so happy to say that though I have come so far, I am still on this journey.

I want to inspire you to dare to take that step to getting to know your inner woman better.

I want you to feel so confident, that you not only cheer on your own successes, but you are capable of cheering on others for theirs. I want you to know that your life is the life you are living, and that it is up to you to do with it what you will. I want you to feel empowered so that you can bring in the things which light you on fire and say no to the things which drain you.

Become and Remain your own Superwoman.

Much Love, Charlotta

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