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Offfff I am hot hot hot - not only because of the tropical heat we currently have here in Finland - but with the initial hurrahs since yesterday!! I LOVE how excited you all are!


Yesterday I shared information that I am birthing something which will support you in becoming and being a Turned On Superwoman - a woman who is deeply connected to self, actively in charge of her own life and her own pleasure, a sensually empowered woman, a confident woman. And even though I haven’t yet announced the name, the response is AMAZING..!

Are you ready??

I am THRILLED to let you know that I am bringing you a platform for the Turned On Superwoman - a one stop place where YOU get to enjoy your evolution in your own space, at your own time, at your own pace!

Through my new creation you will get access to the tools and ideas which have supported me in becoming the empowered woman I am today, filled with an excitement for life and the knowledge that I am in charge of my own story and that my voice matters.

Through this work I now feel huge love and appreciation for my body - my temple - in all it’s continuous change as I live on this planet.

I have learnt to tap into my Sensuality to connect to my Inner Woman and can now show up confidently and within my truest essence of me. I have learnt to surrender to the Feminine Flow and have removed the blocks which had me leading a rather mundane, yet stressful, life - and I now see beauty and magic all around, and in, me.

All without feeling the need to hold myself back or apologise for choosing to live life on my terms. I Turned My Magic On.

The name of this creation is;

‘Superwomen Alchemists: for the Turned On Superwoman’

This is a space for you to connect to the most important person in your life; YOU.

This is a space that you can enjoy every day as part of your daily life, or dip into whenever you desire a boost or a mindset upgrade.

This is a space where you can connect. With me and with other Sisters, as well as with yourself and your Inner Woman.

This is a space of variation and excitement and nurture and love.

A space of pleasure and self-care and tapping into desire.

This is a space for shedding layers, releasing pain and gaining knowledge.

THIS is my most EPIC, most accessible, most transformational creation to date!

How do we do this then, you may ask?

Within this collective of Turned On Superwomen you will find a holistic mix of assets - ranging from led Meditations, Visualisations, Breath Work Sessions, Master Classes on Transformational and Eye-Opening topics, Workbooks, Wild Woman Workouts, Sensual Stretching, Self Pleasure Practises, Dance Release Classes, Self-Love mantras and more - both by myself immediately upon Launch (which is very soon!), as well as by Guest Teachers / Healers / Instructors from autumn.

What is really special is that all of these come in a variety of lengths - from 5 minute to 90 minute sessions, so that you can easily fit this precious personal time into your already full days to make your evolution and connection-to-self your lifestyle, with new material added monthly!

And if that is not enough - I did say it is going to be super-accessible…. ALL OF THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE RIGHT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND THROUGH AN APP ON YOUR PHONE! (with the option to also use the platform on a laptop or computer) - HOW COOL IS THIS? Yeah, I am BUILDING AN APP!


So what’s happening now then? And what's all this teasing on FOUNDERS?

I am calling in 10 womxn to be the FOUNDING MEMBERS of Superwomen Alchemists.

This is for the women who are sick of having their days blend into one another with not enough excitement, passion or pleasure.

I am calling in the women who want to connect to their bodies through movement and meditative work.

Women who are willing to be challenged to expand their minds, their hearts, their souls and their reality.

I am reaching out to you - you who are longing for a community of sisters.

I am calling out for you, the woman who wants to tread the roads of self-evolution - and knows that sometimes these roads are scary, or challenging, wonderful or beautiful or anything between or beneath or above.

I am inviting you - the woman who wants to do this in a supportive environment whenever and wherever she wants.

Does this sound like you?

Besides getting access to this incredible platform at a very very very special price you will as a Founding Member also receive these HIGH VALUE BONUSES;

  • Magic Session Coaching call with me - 45-60 min conversation where we understand where you are right now and what you wish to bring in, change, uplevel in your life (valued at 350 euros)

  • Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching and Connection calls for 4 weeks (valued at 800 €)

  • Your own personal Mantra/Affirmation created and recorded by myself (valued at 80 €)

  • Support and accountability in Community (valued at 1111 euros)

  • The chance to book private Coaching Sessions with me for a discounted price (value depending in length)

The total value of this combined is near 5k, however as a Founding Member you get full access + these exclusive bonuses for only 323 € per year!

My reasoning is simple - I want to ensure that I can create HUGE impact and create the best possible space for YOU and your Superwomen Sisters to evolve, grow and expand,and as a Founding Member you will play a key role in communicating feedback through the first 4 weeks before the public launch as well as provide a Testimonial of your experience 4 weeks in!

Apply to become 1 of only 10 Founding Members who will receive the insanely amazing Founding Member’s Price and Exclusive Bonuses here:



Within your application you will also be directed to book your private Magic Session with sessions available from the week after (Monday 19.7 onwards for only a few days)

This is a completely no-strings attached application. If this is of interest to you, do act now so that you can send your application through and grab YOUR spot for the Magic Session!

I cannot wait to hear from you!


Charlotta Cx

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