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In just a few hours, applications to become one of 10 Founding Members for Superwomen Alchemists - the platform for the Turned On Superwoman - will CLOSE.

Here is a final reminder of everything you get when you become a Founding Member:

Access to an initial library of:

✨ Wild Woman Workouts: Creator of Superwomen’s Signature Movement programme for you to become present in your body, embodying your practise and expansion

✨ Master Classes: New monthly topics to entice you to look at parts of yourself, your reality or your life to create a deeper love and connection or to inspire change

✨ Worksheets: Journal prompts for you to understand yourself better so that you can uplevel or shift your life to your truest desires

✨ Superwoman Challenges: To bring you in to a deeper place of embodiment, healing and expansion through practise

✨ Mantras and Affirmations: To remind you of your value and uplevel or completely switch up your internal monologue

✨ Visualisations and Meditations: To create spaciousness in your heart and mind and soul by calling in what you yearn for and letting go of things which no longer serve you

✨ And more..!

In addition, you will get access to

✨ Sisterhood Community: To create deep Sisterhood connections with likeminded women

✨ Guest Teachers / Healers / Instructors from autumn 2021: To allow you to expand even further Each month a variety of new material is added and you can access the material anytime, anywhere and however many times you wish! Each asset ranges from a few minutes to 90 min so that you can choose how you want to honour your time.

As I love celebrating your commitment to yourself, each Founding Member will also get these Bonuses:

  • Magic Session Coaching call with me - 45-60 min conversation where we understand where you are right now and what you wish to bring in, change, uplevel in your life

  • Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching and Connection calls for 4 weeks

  • Your own personal Mantra/Affirmation created and recorded by myself

  • Support and accountability in Community

  • The chance to book private Coaching Sessions with me for a discounted price

Time is running out to secure your Founding Member’s throne within the realm of the Superwomen Alchemists at the much lower financial investment of 323 € per year (valued at over 2300 € per year). You also get the epic bonuses outlined above (valued at over 2700 €!)

After the public launch the yearly investment is 570 € for the membership alone. If Superwomen Alchemists is calling you, take action now and be a part of something great right from the start!

Hit the link below to apply:


The time is now. Join me in creating a more expressive, more pleasurable, more exciting, more sensual, more connected reality through becoming empowered, confident in yourself and deeply connected to your Inner Woman.


Thank you and Much Love,


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