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I'm HOLLERING at you

Yes - ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT to apply to become a Founding Member in the Superwomen Alchemists realm! This movement of Turned On Superwomen is about to kick off and I want YOU there as a Founding Member!

I have had some questions come through which is so exciting - let me answer them all here too! If you are sitting on the fence, here is what you need to know:

When does it start?

The Founding Members’ date of entry is in August (date announced soon!) - which means that from this day you will get access to all the initial material of Superwomen Alchemists: for the Turned On Superwoman!

Who is it for?

This membership is specifically designed to support you in expanding your life, bringing in pleasure, magic and excitement to your everyday life through becoming sensually empowered, confident in your femininity and attuned to yourself! This is for YOU who want to TURN YOUR MAGIC ON!

What’s included?

Upon Launch, you will get instant access to a Library of each of the following; Wild Woman Workouts, Master Classes, Worksheets, Superwoman Challenges, Mantras, Visualisations, Affirmations and Meditations. Each month more assets are added - and also assets beyond these! In addition you get access to a supportive Sisterhood - and - from autumn classes and sessions with Guest Instructors / Healers / Teachers are included!

Do I need any equipment?

No not necessarily! As long as you have access to the internet on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer you can easily access the Superwomen Alchemists realm as an APP or in your browser! For the movement classes you may wish to use a yoga mat, however this is not required. Other than that - it is up to you if you want to surround yourself with candles, cushions, incense, crystals or anything else that may support you.

How much time do I need?

However much you want and can spend! Within Superwomen Alchemists you get access to a variety of material and at different lengths - for example 3-10 min Affirmations, 10-30 min Meditations and Visualisations, 20-90 min movement sessions, 20-60 min Master Classes. Other material such as Superwoman Challenges and Worksheets can be completed whenever you feel inspired to journal or take action and vary in length depending on the invitation.

Is remote coaching right for me?

If you are looking to create a sustainable change through daily practise, then yes! With Superwomen Alchemists you have access to deeply transformative material to suit your mood and needs and you can dip into your chosen material whenever, wherever and however many times you wish!

Is this right for me if I have already started learning tools to support my growth?

YES! Superwomen Alchemists is an ever-growing place for your evolution, your pleasure and your empowerment! The material is varied but connected to sensuality empowerment, confidence and self-pleasure to TURN YOUR MAGIC ON! In Superwomen Alchemists you get a magical and transformational mix of lecture style classes, daily practises, meditations and movement to create a deeper connection to ALL of you - body, mind, soul, heart.

Is this right for me if I have never done anything similar before?

YES! Superwomen Alchemists is an inclusive space where everyone is met where they are. This platform is perfect for the Superwoman who wants to start the exploration of her feminine, her body, alternative movement, gain new knowledge and expand her views. Superwomen Alchemists offers a mix of practises to delve into - at your own pace.

Wanna read what exactly Superwomen Alchemists is?

Check it out here:


If you have any more questions - reach out to me directly!

Act fast - Applications to become a Founding Member for Superwomen Alchemists is only open through Saturday this week as in - only 2 more days!

Application takes a few minutes only and is a no-strings attached application!

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