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If you have not yet heard - I AM BUILDING AN APP! 🙌🙌

I am cheering me on and I can hear you cheering me on too - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your lovely messages and well-wishes and excitement!!!

This app is your one stop shop for all things Sensuality, Mindfulness, Living Your Best Life and TURN ON!

I present to you:

Superwomen Alchemist - for the Turned On Superwoman

Within this app (also available via browser for your bigger screen devices!) you will get to enjoy the absolute essence of the Realm of the Creator of Superwomen in these awesome formats;

👑Wild Woman Workouts: Creator of Superwomen’s Signature Movement programme for you to become present in your body, embodying your practise and expansion

👑 Master Classes: New monthly topics to entice you to look at parts of yourself, your reality or your life to create a deeper love and connection or to inspire change

👑Worksheets: Journal prompts for you to understand yourself better so that you can uplevel or shift your life to your truest desires

👑 Superwoman Challenges: To bring you in to a deeper place of embodiment, healing and expansion through practise

👑 Self-pleasure practises, Sensual Stretching, Guided Touch: To connect with your temple

👑 Mantras and Affirmations: To remind you of your value and uplevel or completely switch up your internal monologue

👑 Visualisations and Meditations: To create spaciousness in your heart and mind and soul by calling in what you yearn for and letting go of things which no longer serve you

- and MORE!

In addition, you will get access to

👑 Sisterhood Community: To create deep Sisterhood connections with likeminded women

👑 Guest Teachers / Healers / Instructors from autumn 2021: To allow you to expand even further

Each month new material is added and you can access the material anytime, anywhere and however many times you wish!

(All of this is valued at 2500 € per year..!)

So what’s happening now?

I am calling in 10 women who want to join as Founding Members of Superwomen Alchemists as it opens up in AUGUST! (exact date TBC)

These 10 Founding Members will also receive a number of HIGH VALUE BONUSES and a very special Founding Members’ price!


  • Magic Session Coaching call with me - 45-60 min conversation where we understand where you are right now and what you wish to bring in, change, uplevel in your life (valued at 350 euros)

  • Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching and Connection calls for 4 weeks (valued at 800 €)

  • Your own personal Mantra/Affirmation created and recorded by myself (valued at 80 €)

  • Support and accountability in Community (valued at 1111 euros)

  • The chance to book private Coaching Sessions with me for a discounted price (value depending in length)

The total value of Superwomen Alchemists and the bonuses combined is near 5k, however as a Founding Member you get full access + these exclusive bonuses for only 323 € per year!

Upon opening, I will work closely with you, the 10 Founding Members of Superwomen Alchemists, for 4 weeks to ensure your experience and the assets within is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! We are looking at some serious life up level! Through these 4 weeks, I will ask for feedback and then gather testimonials before I open up the app to the public.

If YOU feel called to be one of the 10 Founding Members to be the first to gain access and receive these insane bonuses - all for a very special price - then click the link below now to apply!



Within your application you will also be directed to book your private Magic Session with sessions available from the week after.

This is a completely no-strings attached application. If this is of interest to you, do act now so that you can send your application through and grab YOUR spot for the Magic Session!

I cannot wait to hear from you!


Charlotta Cx

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