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Her name is Finland.

Moving home to Finland after 12 years away was a decision made completely by my heart. In my head, I thought I was always going to be living abroad, chasing excitement and eternal sunshine. Though I still have that in me (heck it is the stuff running through my veins!), I have found such peace living at H O M E. Living a few minutes away from my immediate family. Having made a home with my wonderful man. Having an actual address and making deep, valued connections in my community. And then we have the beauty that is Finland. I have spoken about her before. She is the land of a thousand lakes, with clean spring water running through her crust. She is covered by forest and she has vast open lands which are completely untouched, free for anyone to roam. She doesn’t have a battle with pollution, and her people care deeply about her health. It is here that anyone can enjoy foraging berries or mushrooms whilst enjoying her grandeur. Swim in her lakes. Sleep in her woods.

This is why Aarja Health has made such an impact on me too. They create natural supplements, with their key ingredients taken directly from the Nordic nature. My favourite berry is the Bilberry, or more commonly known here as the Blueberry, and it just so happens that my favourite supplement from Aarja Health is a blueberry enhanced MSM with added vitamin C. You just pop the powder in water to enjoy - and if you have ever tried MSM before you know this super-supplement doesn’t taste so good in itself - but with the blueberry addition this becomes a natural tasting, light blueberry drink.

I have really come to love this drink more and more each day as it is, but Elisabeth, co-creator of Aarja Health, challenged me to create a smoothie recipe which includes the MSM+C so here you go!

1 ripe banana

1 handful of washed local kale or spinach

1 tbsp of shelled hemp seeds

2 dl of coconut milk (or other nut milk)

1 sachet of Aarja Health MSM+C

1 dl of blueberries - fresh from the forest if  you can!

4 ice cubes for a chilled version

Though, as I was playing around in the kitchen - whizzing up MSM+C with a cup of frozen blueberries (picked in the forest only a couple weeks ago!) with a cup of water made a super simple, deliciously refreshing drink too!

And now - with any purchase on their website - you will get a box of their OptiMSM+C for FREE!

Let me know if you try it and any of the drinks suggestions! And I would love to hear of YOUR way of drinking/eating MSM!


Photo credits: William Barman

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