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From Art, Art is born

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

There are so many soul-moving ways of expression, and though the processes vary completely, the end result is the product of passion, inspiration and of your inner self.

Compliments, praise or any other feedback are wonderful to receive and I revel in you reacting and feeling something from my art. And, as a creative there is no truer compliment than being an inspiration for another creative’s work.

I would like to bring attention to the talented and kind artist Cem Altibas, based in Turkey, who creates Digital Watercolour portraits and who brought one of my favourite photos into his medium. I am intrigued by his process and with his consent, I am happy to share it with you here in brief.

After selecting the image Cem is inspired to draw from, he traces the lines digitally after which he prints out two pieces. On one he paints in rough watercolour, and on the other, he hatches the darker parts. The two paintings are photographed and merged digitally before finally, he adds digital watercolour to create his finished product.

It is a wonderful process and I think his work is stunning. You can check it out on his Instagram here.

If you are interested in your own piece, feel welcome to reach out to him for your own commissioned painting! Makes for a wonderful gift and also as art in your home.

Thank you Cem for sharing your talent and knowledge with me.

And to James of Grit Images Co for the original photo from our week of creativity in Texas back in 2018.

From Art, Art is born.


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