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Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis.

"crying is a cathartic release"

Have you ever experienced catharsis? That feeling when you get such a huge relief, that you suddenly crawl your way out of your hole and you can see a little bit clearer again? That relief that helps you return to yourself, and often, a stronger version of you?

I am currently going through a cathartic process. As I stepped into the role of the Creator of Superwomen I didn’t realise the magnitude of the journey I embarked upon, or more specifically; the immense effect it would have on me. As I am digging into my emotional archive to inspire you, to be of service to you and to hold your heart in my hands, my wounds have gashed open. I feel the burn of an emotional sword still embedded in my core.

I didn’t realise how much more healing I still had to do from the two main pinnacles which both helped conceive the Creator of Superwomen; one an incredibly toxic relationship, the other a blackmailing operation where intimate photos of me were shared with eyes not intended.

Over the last few weeks, I have had to sit with my anger and pain and my hurt. I genuinely thought that this long after, I no longer held on to any of that. I hadn’t felt it for so long. But here I am now, much later, meeting my demons yet again but with more wisdom, as I am going through a slow-burning catharsis. Each day shedding layers, and each day, seeing the path I am building a lot clearer.

It is my choice to do this. It is my choice to bring out the Creator of Superwomen. For you. But as it turns out, also for me. I find so much pleasure in this. Also in the pain I am feeling, as I now know that with facing and handling the pain, I will emerge more powerful.

So I am bringing you an ever-evolving source, right from my soul, so that you too can feel inspired and excited to evolve.

Welcome along on this journey.

Photo: Tuomas Mäkelä

Location: Aurinkolahti, Helsinki

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