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Aarja Health - Supporting My Wellness From Within

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

In the beginning of 2020, when the world seemed ‘normal’ and I had been fighting off a near burnout from the previous year, I became an official Ambassador for Scandinavian brand Aarja Health who produce pure and natural supplements inspired by the Arctic nature. 6 months have now passed, the world has been in a constant state of change and now finally it feels like a fitting time for me to take a moment to reflect on how my body feels as the dust is settling in my immediate environment.

I don’t live much by routine being a freelancer and free soul, but one thing that I am very specific about is ensuring I take the supplements I believe I benefit from. I am not a nutritionist nor an expert, so I am sharing this as my personal experience. If you are unsure whether any supplements are right for you, please consult a professional.

I am a naturally highly energetic person, someone who says (well, no, ‘SAID’) yes to everything, meaning that even though I seemed to have an unlimited supply of excitement to share, I was burning the candle at both ends, resulting in a state of stress and me experiencing symptoms of a burnout. It was back in November 2019 that my friend introduced me to Aarja Health for their MSM+C sachets, said to balance the body, fight oxidative stress and act as an anti-inflammatory, all of which I felt I needed. 

As I had little to no knowledge on MSM itself, and was intrigued by Aarja Health who produce their products in their own factory in Finland, I delved deeper into learning about well-being from within. I was familiar with many of the various minerals and vitamins and how to best benefit from them, but for some reason, MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane, had passed me by. In short, if you are not yet familiar with MSM, it is an organic sulphur which supports healthy joints, bones and muscles, it is a powerful antioxidant and inhibits inflammation - and we rarely consume enough of it.

Fast-forward to today, I have tried all of Aarja Health’s current products and I am happy to say that I find the quality of each supplement to be consistent and powerful. I am feeling more like myself in my body than before and I believe Aarja Health has supported me on this journey.

MAGNESIUM3  and OPTIMSM®+C with Bilberry are the first ones I truly felt made a difference - and this I noticed particularly well when I ran out and had a bit of an unwanted break from them and found my body stiffen up and take longer to recover between workouts (and general days!). As I started back on them and returned to my fast-recovery pace, I understood how well my body responded to being boosted. Also, what is great about their MSM is that they have combined it with vitamin C for best absorption, and it comes in handy sachets which are easy to bring along if you are on the road.

Another gem in their line is the B12 + Bilberry which boosts the brain and nervous system. From all the different chewable vitamin tablets, this is (in my mouth!) by far the tastiest, most natural tasting tablet.

I would also like to highlight their SPORTY BOOST® Recovery which contains important vitamins, minerals and L-arginine as well as antioxidants from lingonberries gathered from the Finnish nature. It provides optimal hydration and I mix it in my water for workout recovery, or add a sachet to my smoothies when I feel sluggish. I have also found that I feel nourished from drinking this Recovery mix to replenish my body easily during hot days.

Lastly, Isotonic SPORTY BOOST® Performance boosts my energy before and during my workouts on days where I feel I need something a little extra whether it is for my own personal training, or whether I am about to join my crew for a badass POUND session!

All of their supplements are worth the hype and through this year I will share more of my experience and knowledge. In the meantime, if you would like to ask me something, feel welcome to reach out.

Not only does Aarja Health bring out some of the purest and most powerful supplements I have come by, they are transparent in the way they work, they share a lot of digestible information and also - their staff is vibrant, friendly and knowledgeable and spare no time in going the extra mile to serve you.

If you are interested in trying their products, you will get 15 % off your order using my code CHARLOTTA15. And what's amazing - they ship worldwide!

Let me know if you do and what you think!

Stay well and much love,


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