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Virtual Retreat

November 27


Sacred rebellion is happening within your soul as a powerful uprising towards liberation.

It is time to let go of the shame-based beliefs in limitation and punishment.

Are you ready to see yourself from a new perspective to ignite your true power?


Pandora is living within you, and in this event we bring her out to connect with your inner forces.

For you to become her.


This is her space.


She will dance. She will go wild. Her curiosity will guide her.

There is nothing she cannot have. There is nothing she cannot give.


The world is hers. The vision is hers.

She is limitless. She is endless.

She is you.


You - are - Pandora.




Pandora - the All Gifted - the curious one.


In this Virtual Retreat we come together in Divine Sisterhood to ignite your soul gift and connect to your curiosity. Together we lean in to power and acceptance to alchemise what we no longer desire to keep in its form, and unleash our wild to make space for the greatness we are bringing in

- for the rest of this year, and for the start of the next.

This is the retreat to tap in to your aliveness, your high vibrations and your deepest emotional planes to bring forth your gifts.

You can expect to be moved - emotionally, spiritually and physically as you surrender into your own greatness.

Each Goddess who joins us inside PANDORA also has the chance to win one out of two HIGH VALUE PRICES!

Is Pandora calling your forth?


Join us for this Divine Retreat to alchemise and unleash your wild!

When: November 27




Duration: 3 hours

Investment: 55 €

Where: PANDORA Zoom Room

(details shared via email before event)

Replay available if you cannot make it Live.


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Meet your Pandora Facilitators

This Divine Retreat is hosted by Hanna Augenstein - Born To Coach - and Charlotta Barman - the Creator of Superwomen.


Together they bring their Too Much-ness, their Wildness, their intense Fire and vibrant Aliveness in this deep and magical 3 hour experience where YOU tap into Pandora and unleash YOUR gifts in to this world.

Both of these power houses of women have been accused for being too powerful, too vibrant, too emotional and too intense - and they are here to show you that we can ALL be unapologetically ourselves and find our our unique gifts - no matter what the world might say around us.

Want to join us?

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