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Wild Woman Reflection Session

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Often around this time we hold on to anticipation for the new year and in this class we will alchemise anything that feels like a block to bring us forth in an empowering way. I want to take you through a session where you get to be fully anchored in your body and in your own desires so that you can look ahead with lightness and clarity.

Wild Woman Workout is a sacred class where you explore your temple through Breath, Sensual Movement and Touch. Our bodies store memory and through Wild Woman Workout we explore different parts of our mind, body and soul to move stuck energies and create spaciousness for elevation to rewrite our physical codes in your sensory body. You will be invited to move and express yourself however your Inner Woman desires to and you may recognise gentle yoga flows and deep stretching poses.

Though this class was hosted in the end of 2021, this session is potent to enjoy anytime of the year when you want to reflect and create spaciousness for what is to come.

This class is deeply transformative and is created by Charlotta - the Creator of Superwomen - to bring together the healing and expansion practices she uses herself in one empowering session to share them with the Superwomen around the world.

Once booked, please allow up to 24 hour until you receive access to the class.

Charlotta is a Sensuality Empowerment Coach connecting body, soul and mind in an explosion of sensual expression enticing you to go further and to fall in love with your whole being in a new and connecting way. Charlotta is a champion for releasing shame, removing stigma and bringing forth your unique personal expression to connect you to your own life in a way that turns you on and lights you up so that you can alchemise your life. Part of Charlotta’s mission too is to bring Sisters together in sacred Sisterhood, healing the Sisterhood and/or Witch Wounds so many of us carry.

You can work with Charlotta in an intimate 1:1 Container, be apart of her virtual Community Superwomen Alchemists - the app for the Turned On Superwoman - or by taking part in any of her individual offerings which include Master Classes, Wild Woman Workout Sessions and Retreats. Charlotta is also an explosive POUND Fit Instructor offering you classes in person worldwide.

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