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The Courageous One - Silver 925 Necklace with Garnet

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Here it is. The piece filled with so much love. Filled with so much courage. Filled with so much Superwoman energy.

A token for the Superwoman.

I am so proud to announce The Courageous One.

This is an emblem you can wear with pride and joy and feel the power of it. This piece is infused with the courage of a Superwoman, the strength of a Superwoman, the humbleness of a Superwoman and the sensuality of a Superwoman - all tied together in this one beautiful necklace.

The Courageous One is delicate and feminine, yet very powerful.

🌙 Silver 925, double chain with;
✨ Moon pendant, which stands for the Yin, the feminine force
✨Garnet (red crystal) which brings joy, life force, energy, courage, self confidence, helps fight sadness, alleviates feelings of failure (making 'failures' lessons!), improves blood flow and stimulates sexual potency (🙌)

Each piece is unique, just like you!

Silver 925 jewellery designed by me - Charlotta, Creator of Superwomen - and handmade by my friend Gini.

Only limited pieces available.

Additional Information and Care Instructions:

  • The shorter chain is a thin and delicate one. The length is 44 cm + 3 cm of extension.
  • The longer chain is a ball chain. The length is 50 cm + 3 cm of extension.

Care tips:

You can wear it everyday, even in the shower. Please remove during exercise or salt water swimming. The degree of oxidation is dependent on your acidic skin PH.

You can clean your necklace with a special polish cloth (included in the purchase) or a silver cleaner. You can also use a small amount of toothpaste or sodium bicarbonate powder mixed with water. Then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

When you don't wear your necklace, keep it dry and safe from the air in a closed box, or soft bag.

Delivery included in price.

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