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Sensuality Empowerment Coach

Charlotta is a Sensuality Empowerment Coach working as the Creator of Superwomen. She is all about Turn On and Pleasure, harnessing the power of Sensuality to release shame, remove stigma and bring forth your true expression to deepen your divine connection to self. Through her work she invites you to alchemise your life as you connect body, soul and mind in an explosion of sensual expression enticing you to go further and fall in love with your whole being in a holistic and pleasurable way.


Creatrix and Priestess

Charlotta is the Creatrix of Wild Woman Workout - a sacred class where you explore different parts of your mind, body and soul. Move stuck energies and create spaciousness for elevation to rewrite the physical codes in your sensory body as you connect to your Inner Woman through dance, touch, breath and sensual movement.


International Creative Model

Internationally accredited Model and Make Up Artist bringing you a wholesome offering for your vision. Appearances in Editorial, Commercial, Film, Health, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Fitness and Art projects. Also available as a coach for other women, models or artists during their sets.



Fitness Instructor

SWEAT. SCULPT. ROCK. Channel your inner rockstar in this full body cardio session inspired by the energising and sweaty fun of playing the drums! Available to adults and children alike.

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