My name is Charlotta and I am a Confidence Coach and Thought Icon.

I have lived and worked in 7 different countries before the age of 32, and am now back in Finland, which has always been what I refer to as Home.

From having suffered from deep insecurity through most of my 20's I have emerged the other side and have found my calling - I want to inspire you to become unapologetically confident and so in love with yourself that you dare to live the life you desire.

I am extremely passionate about living to the beat of your own drum, and am working hard to remove the shackles of pre-designed thinking. You know, the ones where societal expectations ask certain things of you. And I am not just doing this for me, I am doing it for you.

Within the realm of my TRINITY OF CONFIDENCE we have three major aspects which have all made me in to the strong woman I am today.

The first one is this, Creator of Superwomen, through which I am delivering Confidence Master Classes both virtually and IRL as well as sharing inspiration through social media and my blog.

The others are Modelling, in which I found such freedom in using myself as a creative expression of empowerment, and the third one is POUND Fit which is the space I first let loose and started shaking off the deep seated physical confidence battles I had.

I cannot wait to welcome you on this journey with me.

Become and Remain your own Superwoman.

Cx, Charlotta

Join me on my Journey

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